• Various functions of SYMFLOW

    Make more meaningful communication with convenient and powerful functions.


Mode for teaching. You can make your lectures as convenient and effective as possible.
When in instructor mode, the menu button disappears and is replaced with the contact address.
You can focus on the slides in the Presentation button and where the instructor wants to ask questions in Downflow and Upflow.
When the audience is connected in the instructor mode, the screen of the audience also moves to where the instructor is focusing.

presentation software


What do my audience think?
Do they understand my lecture well?
If you have any questions to the audience, check them now with the downflow.
Downflow allows you to quickly, easily, and accurately see your audience’s thoughts.


Your audience always has questions during the lecture.
Audiences will use the upflow to ask the instructor many questions.
You can click on a recommendation to each other’s questions so you can rank the questions you want to know based on the number of recommendations.
The instructor can see all the questions from the audience in one place and answer them directly during the lecture or answer them later.